Our Team

Hunter Douglas and Will Kriebel created Dealer's Choice Beverage Company out of their shared passion for hospitality and interest in helping those around them drink better. Together they use creative approaches to execute top-tiered cocktails and orchestrate unforgivable experiences of any size .

Hunter Douglas first got behind the bar as a high school senior, polishing glasses and changing beer kegs, and has never looked back. Hunter's passion for hospitality and hosting guests has been honed in top tiered programs around the country. Let Hunter make you a riff on your favorite cocktail and ponder the sacrilege and question that which you thought you knew.  

A DMV native, Will Kriebel has spent his entire life with a finger on the pulse of the area's food and beverage scene. Will has spent time in many of the area's food, beer, and cocktail destinations and his always eager to share his passion and expertise with those around him. Let Will craft you the perfect Old Fashioned as he narrates the history of the beverage and preaches his preference for rye over bourbon. 

Hiring strangers is weird, see what the team is actually up to on their Instagram accounts:
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